Copedent Charts

For your reference, provided below are a standard or "traditional set up" copedent chart, a blank copedent chart, and a chart for players who want tandem and/or additional center knee levers. Likewise, we have received requests for publishing a rodding chart, so that has been provided too. If you are ordering a new Williams, an accurate copedent chart is essential for us, so that we can rod and set up your guitar properly. If you have any questions on how to fill out a copedent chart please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

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Copedent Charts
Standard Set Up E9/C6
Blank Copedent Chart E9/C6
E9/B6 Universal S-12 Set Up
E9/C6 Rodding Chart
E9/B6 Universal Rodding Chart
Tandem + Center Knee Levers
Instructions: If you are ordering a guitar with any kind of changes to that of a standard set up, that is, for example, you want the "Franklin Change" on pedal one, or perhaps you use the "Day set up," please click on the blank copedent chart below, print it (set printer to landscape format), completely fill it out, and forward it to us.