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"I'm enjoying playing my new Williams Guitar both live and in the studio with Bill Frisell"

~Greg Leisz, Session/Touring Musician

"I love the Williams for it's big tone (especially with the Bill Lawrence pickup). The blue and natural Birdseye lacquer finish is beautiful and the guitar is unbelievably stable considering it's very light weight. As a professional who travels a lot, I find the Williams the most convenient to fly with as it is relatively small and light. I use a 12 string keyless Universal with the padded rest. This guitar offers the most musical possibilities in the smallest and lightest configuration."

~B.J. Cole, Recording Artist, Session/Touring Musician, London, UK

"I've played Williams Guitars for 18 years now and feel no need to look for anything else. I've never played anything that felt as natural or as solid as mine, and I never had any problems. I can always make them sound the way I want, I love the way they look, AND you can get them in tune. Bill Rudolph is a great guy as well, who is always generous with his time and vast knowledge of anything pedal steel."

~Eric Heywood, Session/Touring Musician

"Bill Rudolph has created the perfect bar for me. Not only does it feel balanced and comfortable in my hand it adds a significant improvement to my sound. In my world, tone is always the deciding factor."

~Bruce Bouton, Session Musician, Nashville

"There are a variety of tone bars out there to choose from and each one has a certain tone character. I have found that the Williams tone bar has that certain sound...The ultimate in tone, feel and quality. For my money, it's the Williams bar!"

~Wayne Dahl, Martina McBride Band

"I have been playing Williams Guitars since 2002 and I currently own two of them. The guitars are great, of course, and the before and after sales service is top notch. First Bill will make sure you get the instrument you want, the way you want it, and then will do what it takes to keep it that way..."

~Olli Haavisto, Recording and Touring Musician, Finland